WAVE MASTERS LOISTICS WORLD Couriers specializes in trade show shipping and exhibition booth logistics to ensure that your goods and products arrive on time and securely at trade shows and conferences. We’ll mail it to anyplace in the United States, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, Canada, and the rest of the world. So, while you concentrate on marketing, sales, and honing your presentation, we’ll take care of shipping your booth, banners, and displays to the event.

Total Service Defined Anytime Anywhere

Our Customer Service Professionals and active Dispatchers prioritize you, which translates into a promise to deliver your package on time. We will employ the most cost-effective delivery method possible to fulfill your deadlines while keeping an eye on your bottom line. We provide First Flight OutTM, LTL, air ride dry van, cargo vans, and a variety of additional vehicles to safely carry your convention booth.

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The Exhibit Logistics Method Looks Something Like This:

Moving your items and displays through US and Canadian customs and into an exhibition loading dock legally, safely, and swiftly.

We will advise you on the optimal shipping option, suitable case markings, paperwork, and any other important information required to facilitate the smooth transit of cargo. This service includes obtaining the appropriate customs bonds, paying the airline’s destination expenses, and completing all applicable paperwork. In addition, customs examination and clearance, delivering items to the display location, and acting as a liaison to assure delivery to the booth are all part of the job.

After the trade show, we either return the booth and displays to you or send them to the next event. While we do not provide packing, we do supply the knowledge to help you get it done.