First Flight Departure provides door-to-door service throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, US Territories, and beyond. This option is best for items weighing up to 100* pounds; however, for bigger packages, express air assured freight solutions are available.

Federal laws and regulations are observed, ensuring passenger and staff safety. This may restrict your flying options until we identify you as a Known Shipper with the Transportation Security Administration.

*On some flights, some airlines will accept bulkier goods.

Please keep in mind that hazardous materials and household belongings are best serviced by using our overnight or charter services, since conventional airlines may refuse to transfer them. We have had a wonderful experience with animal transportation.

First aircraft Departure lowers travel time by sending your cargo on the next aircraft out when you need it far away quickly. When you contact, we calculate how long it will take to pick up your product and travel to the airport, while also looking into various flight and delivery possibilities. With over 30,000 commercial flights every day and additional 2,200 cargo flights, we can rapidly find the ideal fit for your air cargo. When you include in charter planes and 4,500 couriers, your possibilities become practically endless, with median cross-country delivery times of less than 8 hours from California to New York.