Local Courier Delivery Service delivers mail, light parcels, and heavyweight items inside the United States on the same day. Any location in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is eligible for service coverage. USA Couriers provides time-definite pickups and deliveries that may be tailored to any company’s exact requirements.

LOCAL COURIER DELIVERY SERVICES PROVIDE: Variety and flexibility with several couriers in various cities;
Rush service with same-day delivery, typically within 60 minutes;
Service standard with same-day delivery within hours;
Routed service in which packages are picked up and delivered;
Handling and delivery of extra-heavy cargo up to the commercial weight limit;

Waiting or loading time during which the driver waits for the shipment or to deliver at the destination;
Over $100 in insurance is offered; Saturday, Sunday, and holiday pickup and delivery.
Invoicing is now unified and thorough.
Trucking may necessitate a lengthier lead time, depending on the size and kind of truck required, as well as the time required to have the driver in place. We’ll need to know what’s inside and how much it weighs. Please see TRUCKING for further details.

When you contact, please provide the following information:

Your name and contact information
Name of Your Company
Pick-up location’s exact name and address
Contact Person and Phone Number for Pickup Location
Name, address, and phone number of the exact point of delivery
Any Special Instructions, as well as the contacts